Tiny Star

This week’s Tiny Thing is a very big deal to me!


A knitted star is something I’ve attempted several different times in the past few year, and I never got it right until now. (There is a perfectly good knitted star pattern already out there by Kira Moffet, but sometimes it’s important to me to make my own version.)

There’s something else special about this Tiny Star—it will be going with me to Berlin in April for a new solo show! I’ll share more details about that soon, but right now I need to get back to knitting for it.

Let’s continue the caption contest next week!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Star

  1. This is adorable! And would make an awesome addition to the baby mobile that you have posted eariler.

  2. I love to knit and I was wandering what size of needle you use and what kind of string also where do you get it.
    Keelie age 10

  3. hello,
    My name is Amalia, congratulations for your beautiful work.
    I’m doing of hearts with your scheme, I translated, I can publish the translation in Italian?

  4. Your work has inspired my oldest son who will be 7 in May to learn to knit. He fell in love with your stuff when he saw me reading your blog the other day. He had to look at each pattern. He just kept saying,”So cute!”

  5. your star definitely has personality, as do all your designs!
    If you have to do set up in Berlin like you did for Mochiland last year, ask for a chair on wheels so you can roll back & forth around the table & save your back lots of pain!!!

  6. Those are great! You should add more tiny things to your collection. I will tell my LYS to contact you. What kind of yarn are you using?

  7. can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, let me make a wish right now…

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