Tiny Match is a Hottie

I had no idea that a tiny match had so many pun possibilities! The prompt was “How does a tiny match introduce himself at a party?” It was hard to choose among all of the references to love matches and “light my fire” shout-outs, but this one made us laugh!


Hi there, I’m Burny!

See, it’s a cute match name that sounds like a real person’s name. We liked that.

Anna submitted this winner, so she gets a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop!

We also can’t resist honorably mentioning these other two captions:

He hopes to meet his one true flame on match.com by radioactivegan


Let’s get lit! by Tiffany

Thanks everyone for your captions!

5 thoughts on “Tiny Match is a Hottie

  1. This is my favorite tiny thing yet! And that’s saying a lot because I am totally enamored with the whole series. Please please turn him into a pattern.

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