Mochimochi Worlds at Pictoplasma Festival


Photos from the show
More photos of the planets


This big round bear, along with the giant ball of yarn and the snowman that I’ve recently posted, is going with me to Berlin next month to be a part of the Pictoplasma Festival, an annual celebration of character art!

My pieces will be on exhibit from April 6th through the 10th in a new installation called “Mochimochi Worlds,” held at Smallspace gallery. If you’re in the area, please join us for the opening at 7 pm on April 6th!

The show will be part of the Pictoplasma Character Walk that is open to the public.

I’m so excited to be involved in the festival, and I’ve been having a blast working on this new show—it will be made up of nine randomly-themed planets and other celestial bodies. Knitters who stop by the gallery will be able to pick up patterns to make some of the alien life forms they see.

I can’t wait to go to Berlin for the first time and see what other character madness is happening at the festival!

Thank you to Lion Brand for providing Hometown USA and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn for the big planet bodies.


18 thoughts on “Mochimochi Worlds at Pictoplasma Festival

  1. You said that people at the gallery can pick up the patterns. Can we pick up the patterns from your blog?

  2. The patterns will be a special thing for the show. But there’s always a possibility that they will make their way to my website after that!

  3. OK, I really need to practice my knitting so I can start making cute stuff! I LOVE the big bearball.

  4. Yaaay the bunnys are back. I know your show will be great. i cant wait to see more photos.

  5. Yep! You can’t really see it in the photo, but they’re running away from an underwear-wearing bear.

  6. I loove Planet Bear! Please please make this pattern available. I will happily spend my time knitting an entire Bear Galaxy – where no man has gone…umm…knitted before!

  7. yay, welcome to berlin! i´m very much looking forward to visiting your show. luckily this time it´s on my side of the ocean :-) And thanks to Pictoplasma Festival for inviting you!

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