Santa Smurf

TheBon on Ravelry made this perfect little Papa Smurf using my Tiny Santa pattern!


I love how small modifications make all the difference with tiny knits. I bet you could make any number of people and characters. Let us know if you’ve made unusual mods to a tiny pattern!

7 thoughts on “Santa Smurf

  1. Santa smurf makes me laugh so hard! A gazillion years ago I was in a LARP called Smurf U. We had all of the weird smurfs that you would not expect to see (like Medium Smurf who say ghosts and Smurfette Smurf, who was a transvestite). It was good fun!

  2. I modified your Human Bean pattern to make mini-ninjas. For Valentines I even made pink “Ninjas of Love”! They are a HUGE hit! They have gone to our favorite waitress and in the mail to my nephew several states away.

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