The Dolly’s Llama

More than 50 of you submitted caption suggestions for Tiny Llama over the weekend!

It was really difficult to choose a favorite, but I had to go with this one, which I knew would make for a cute photo:

Tiny Llama didn’t know why he caused such a stir when he told everyone he was the dolly’s llama.


That caption is from Radioactivegan, who wins a free pattern from the Mochimochi Shop for it!

There were lots of other great captions—here are a few that deserve honorable mentions:

Your beauty is beyond compare
With fluffy locks of woolly hair
And every day you munch on fields of green
You’re like a little camel thing
Without so much of the spitting….

by Gulnoza

Tiny llama suggests the age old question: what came first, the llama or the wool?
by Katherine

What do you get if you put paper between 2 tiny llama’s???
Llamanated business cards of course!

by Caitlin

(By the way, that Petite Blythe is the only doll I own, and it was a gift.)

9 thoughts on “The Dolly’s Llama

  1. Just saw on the Potter Craft website that your Teeny Tiny Mochimochi book is coming out this summer – I hope we can preorder autographed copies from you!!

  2. Gulnoza, maybe if your entry wasn’t stolen from a llama puns website, you would be deserving of a gift.

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