Tiny Llama

Winning caption by Radioactivegan:
Tiny Llama didn’t know why he caused such a stir when he told everyone he was the dolly’s llama.


All this Tiny Llama wants is a caption. And a snack. Leave your funny Tiny Llama caption in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday to win a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop!

55 thoughts on “Tiny Llama

  1. This Tiny Llama couldn’t herd sheep if he tried; he’ll happily round-up your paper-clips, though!

  2. This little llama is perplexed. How can he grow fur to make great yarn, if he is already made out of yarn? Oh, bother.

  3. The friendly llama says, “Would you like to spend the day at the zoo with me? Alpaca lunch for two!”

  4. “Tina, you fat lard, come get some dinner” quote from Napoleon Dynamite…I don’t have a caption for you, but llamas are my all time favorite animal, the kids and I sing a llama song every time we see one.

  5. Knock Knock
    Who’s there!
    Alpaca who?
    Alpaca picnic lunch!
    Can ewe knit me a tiny sweater? :-)

  6. “Henry the llama was rather stand-offish. But on a good day, you could butter him up with some treats.”

    A mini llama is a real treat to see, since I have two real ones in my back yard. How cool would it be, to knit a mini llama out of their fiber!

    Anyway, yours looks like a Henry to me ;-) Now I’m off to visit the llama song website again …. llama llama llama llama …

  7. An Andean Llama, aka Lama Glama, went looking for some fiber friends to party with, he found some vicuñas and guanacos!! It was a fiesta!!

  8. (Sung to I’m a Little Teapot”)
    “I’m a little Llama, small and yellow.”
    “Where oh where is my perfect little fellow?”
    “Then we will go two by two to the Ark.
    “I’d prefer if you knit him up in something dark.”

    (Yellow Llama grinning widely!)

  9. Heres a Llama, there’s a Llama, and a little yellow Llama.

    Yellow Llama, Dahali Llama.

    Llama, Llama, DUCK!

  10. Tiny Llama couldn’t figure out why all the tiny Alpacas were laughing at him. Until a polite Guanaco whispered to him, “Ey hombre, su cabos sueltos estan mostrando!” Gasp, how embarrassing!

  11. He’ll be your best friend
    He will cheer you up when your blue
    Get you anything you want
    He’ll do anything just to get a Llama snack.

  12. With an assist from Ogden Nash:
    The one “l” lama, he’s a priest,
    The two “l” llama, he’s a beast,
    But I will bet a silk pajama, they aren’t as cute as tiny llama!

  13. a la Ogden Nash: “In far Tibet lived a Llama, got no momma, got no poppa”………adopt me………….

  14. this little lama wants a snack. how about some grass no wait the grass would give him a grass cut i think he will have to nibble on a green scarf instead.

  15. Please discard my comment made before my siblings are evil…. heres my caption:
    ” Happy llama, sad llama, mentally disturbed llama, super llama, drama llama, big fat momma llama….. MOOSE!” hope this still counts but if not I am happy to post it 

  16. there once was a llama that lived by the sea,
    and was always wondering what there was to eat,
    so he went on a quest to discover a meal,
    he searched and he searched,
    and much to his dismay
    he discovered that all he could eat
    was hay.
    darn food allergies

  17. He was big and now he’s small
    That doesn’t matter at all
    He’s cute he’s funny
    He would like to make you money
    With his fur
    Yes sir

  18. “Let’s go and find out if the Easter Bunny really hatches chocolate eggs…” (pats tummy)

  19. Your beauty is beyond compare
    With fluffy locks of woolly hair
    And every day you munch on fields of green
    You’re like a little camel thing
    Without so much of the spitting….

  20. Oh, the Koigu website is really hard to use. How do you get around on it, or where else is a reliable place to buy the yarn?

  21. What do you get if you put paper between 2 tiny llama’s???
    Llamanated business cards of course!

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