The Royal Pea

Here’s a new one: Darcy modified the body of the Tiny Lion (from Tiny Things Collection 2) to make a royal pea!


…as in The Princess and the Pea, for a fairy tale swap she did with other knitters. How fun!

I love this photo, and the tiny crown (Darcy’s own design) is adorable. I’m realizing that this is a fairy tale I haven’t thought about in a long time. Let’s hope this little pea doesn’t get squashed under a tower of mattresses anytime soon!

4 thoughts on “The Royal Pea

  1. the princess pea was comftarble in her 20 beds that the queen put her in. That night a lady squished her to a flat royal splatter

  2. Thankyou it was fun to knit the royal pea in the story he is picked from the royal garden and placed under the mattresses then after she awakes bruised and proven to be a real princess the royal pea is placed in the museum and everyone lives happily ever after;)(((Hugs))))Darcy

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