The Amazing Singing Tiny Tater Tot

It turns out that our Tiny Tater Tot is quite the rock star! Look what I caught him singing the other day…


This ain’t a tater for the faint of hearted
No silent bite, cause it’s crunchy and salted.
I ain’t gonna be just a tater in the crowd
You’re gonna shout my goodness
as you eat me out loud….
It’s my life, it’s now or never
I ain’t gonna last forever
I just wanna make your taste buds sing.

Those rockin’ lyrics are courtesy of Diana K, the winner of this week’s caption contest!

Diana will get a PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop plus the new Tessellation Dinos cross-stitch pattern. Congrats!

I was super impressed by all the clever caption suggestions this time—here are a few honorable mentions:

PEEL?! I thought you said purl.
Wait a second, i’m guessing now we aren’t going to a BASH either.

by Joan

The tater tot thought and thought,
why did people want him hot?
The grisly truth was then revealed–
He was wanted as a meal!

by Amanda

No longer satisfied with being tucked away along with a few of his friends in a tiny section of a small plastic tray, tater tot dreamed of graduating out of grade school lunch and becoming an exchange student in high school, wanting to be known as a tater tot no more, but as a french fry tater teen.
by Gargoylegrl

My polkadotted cousins are speck tators, and my plain, russet cousins common taters. The kids at the circle cut fry place are rotaters. I may be a tater tot now, but when I grow up, I will be a computater, not some imitater!
by Shelba

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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