Astounding Knits

For those of us who love seeing daredevil knitting projects that go way beyond sweaters, Lela Nargi’s new book is a new favorite!


Astounding Knits by Lela Nargi is a kind of record book for knitted art, unusual projects, and general yarn craziness. And I am honored that Luvgun is included!


You can find him featured in the “Knits of War (and Peace)” section, along with Marianne Jorgensen’s tank covering, Seann McKeel’s knitted origami cranes, and more.

There are a few patterns in the back, but this is mainly a coffee table book that even people who aren’t ready to pick up the needles can enjoy. You can find it on Amazon and in other bookstores, hopefully including many local yarn stores.

Lela has also started a blog for updates about the people involved with the book.

6 thoughts on “Astounding Knits

  1. I had a good time looking through this book. It’s amazing! Congratulations on being included! YOU’RE amazing!

  2. So cool about the love gun. It must have been difficult for them to pick just one of your creations.

  3. That is terrific! We don’t have a coffee table (well, we do, but it isn’t out), or I would pick it up right away. It would be lovely to have a knitting-themed coffee table book.

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