Pictoplasma Shows

As I’ve mentioned, my show in Berlin last week was part of the annual Pictoplasma Festival, which is an amazing five days of gallery shows, talks, workshops, and more all about character art. It was incredible fun to see how people from around the world were approaching the art of “reduced figuration,” as smart people call it.

My sister-in-law Jenna and I took in a number of the shows, which were all so different from one another. Here were some of our favorites…

London-based French artist McBess was doing a live painting on the opening day of his show. He also performed with his band later the same day, but we had to be at the “Mochimochi Worlds” opening, so we missed it…


Matt JOnes specializes in a cute character named Lunartik who sits in a cup of tea (that’s him crossed out in the sign, not a camera), and he enlisted a bunch of other artists to make amazing customizations. You can see (and buy) the original series from Matt’s website. We also heard Matt talk about how his process for producing and distributing his toys. (It was a looooong process and made me realize that you have to be super patient and super committed to making it happen.)


Ryan Quincy is the head animator at South Park, and he’s also done some very cool animations of his own. We loved his series of paintings that were on exhibit in Berlin. This one was my favorite and I was pretty tempted to buy it for my living room. (Hoping my husband sees this and agrees!)


Inkygoodness produces shows and other projects with artists, and their contribution was a show of totems customized by a variety of artists. The results were very kooky and fun!


Rilla Alexander from Australia was one of our favorite talks and shows. I even bought an original illustration from her! You can get her new (and very special) children’s book Her Idea from Amazon.


There were many more gallery exhibits, all of which were open to the public. It was so much fun, and now I just have to figure out how to go back next year!

3 thoughts on “Pictoplasma Shows

  1. Hello Mrs. Hrachovec,
    Congratulations on the show! I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there. I just wanted to ask if you’re going to post a star pattern sometime? If you are, will it be a free pattern or one to buy?

  2. I’ve thought about doing a couple of variations on the star as a pattern for the shop, actually! But my list of things to design just got extremely backed up, so unfortunately it will probably be a little while before I can get it done…

  3. It sounds like Pictoplasma was a great experience. If I were you, I’d get that painting. It is adorable and has a lot of interest to it. I definitely wouldn’t get bored of seeing it on my walls for a long time!

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