More Photos from Berlin

This is like the Hershey Store in Times Square, except it’s all about Ritter Sport (which is way better).


This cafe was so cool, it only had this awesome sign in lieu of a name.


Playground horsey is old but cute.


Street art.


Stairwell art.


I wanted to give this bunny person a hug.


More photos from my show coming soon!

3 thoughts on “More Photos from Berlin

  1. I love Ritter Sport. There are a few places I can get them around here, but the number of flavors is usually pretty lacking (those and Perugrina were were my favorites when I was eating gourmet chocolate on a daily basis).

  2. There was a big variety, some of which I bet would be hard to find in the US, but I guess none of them struck me as particularly strange. But they did look delicious! They had individual squares for sale, so I got a bunch of different kinds in those. Probably should have bought more though…

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