Mochimochi Worlds Pics

As promised, here are some more photos from my show at Smallspace Gallery in Berlin last week! I can’t believe it went up and then came down within one week, but I was really happy with how it turned out, and there were plenty of people who came to see it, thanks in large part to the Pictoplasma Festival.

It turned out to be kind of a difficult show to photograph, but I hope this gives you a pretty good idea of how it all looked. Some of the photos were taken by me, and some by my sister-in-law Jenna.

This big guy (about 18″ in diameter) took a few hours and seven balls of yarn to make!


The big scarf that the ball of yarn is knitting supposed to be an asteroid belt, connecting it to the Snowman Planet at the back. The white letters spell “mochimochi!”


View from the back of the gallery.


Snowman Planet (my personal favorite):


Snowman Planet butt:


Planet TV, which is plugged into Pollute-o, the smelliest of planets.


Birthdayville is a cupcake planet, whose aliens are candles eating the frosting…


One more look from the front. The purple comet is being ridden by a few Tiny Penguins!


There are a few other planets that didn’t fit into these photos, but I’ll be putting more up on Flickr soon.

Once again, big thank-yous to Smallspace, Pictoplasma, Lion Brand, and Jenna!

21 thoughts on “Mochimochi Worlds Pics

  1. These are awesome, but I think the knitting planet is my favorite. It is just so bold (and I love the knitted knitting needles, which make my heart pitter patter with the recursion of it all).

  2. This is really great. I wish I was in Germany to see it. Could you take it on some sort of tour? Or put it up somewhere in New York City this summer?

  3. I totally love your work!!!! Absolutely love your patterns! You are so talented. I can’t wait for your next book to come out! Woohoo!

  4. I love how the snowmen are building other snowmen. =D This was a VERY creative exhibit! ^__^ I love it!

  5. So whimsical and amazing! I love all of the different planets, but the snowman one is my favorite. I would also love to wrap my neck up in that colorful asteroid belt. You are one creative cat, Anna! I wish I could have been there to see it in person.

  6. Thank you for all these super-nice comments everyone! This was really a fun and special project to me, and I do hope to do more shows in the future (even though they’re exhausting!). I wish I could bring this show to the US, but unfortunately (and also fortunately), everything in the show sold and so will be going to various homes in Germany.

  7. Without sounding like a crazy….I WILL meet you oneday so I can tell you in person just how amazing you are!
    This is absolutely fantastic.
    You just keep doing what you’re doing girl….as you’re an inspiration to us all!

  8. You do amazing work that is unlike anything the world as seen. Wonderful job, you should be so proud! Can’t wait till the day I get to hear you are in the US. That is definitely worth flying over to see!

  9. Your work is amazing! I hope I don’t have to have tiny little fingers to knit all the tiny little bunnies! Thank you for your talent and for sharing.

    Sincerely, Anita

  10. OMG! I am in awe!!! (awwwwwwwwwwww!) U definitely deserved your own show! The snowmen making and holding the baby snowppl r sooo cute!! The yarn planet is so nifty!! I love the yarny milky way..and all the wee stars and other galactic goodness! I bow to U in an unworthy fashion…(peeping at U in an attitude of humbleness)! Keep up da excellent work!

    Lurve Absynthee!

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