The Makings of a Solar System

Hello from Berlin! It was sunny and warm when we arrived, and it seemed like the whole city was one laid-back garden party with both children and dogs running around unleashed and happy.

After a delicious meal and much-needed coffee with Anna from Smallspace, we (Anna, and my sister-in-law Jenna, and I) got right to work on the layout of my show. It was exciting to get started and a big relief to see that all the pieces were here and I didn’t forget something important at home (knock on wood).


The most exciting thing might have been the vinyl sticker that Anna put on the window at the front of the gallery. It has my name on it and everything for everyone who passes by to see!


We’re actually almost finished now, and I’ll share plenty more pics of the show soon. Can’t wait for the opening of the Pictoplasma festival!

10 thoughts on “The Makings of a Solar System

  1. Congratulations on your show Anna! Love your sticker & the sun knitting :-) Too cute!

  2. How exciting to have your own gallery, if only for a few days! Be sure to take time to cavort amongst the sunshine, unleashed dogs and children! Have a fantastic time!

  3. I love the ball of yarn every time I see it. Post more pictures of the show when you get the chance.

  4. OMG Knitting sun is so cute! I am a crocheter but I love your work. I am going to learn to knit properly to make some of your things.

  5. I get such a kick whenever I see the knitting planet. I’m so excited that you are doing these wonderful installs. When this one is no longer up in Berlin will you get to show it off at gallery hanahou?

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