Tiny Fly


This Tiny (gigantic) Fly is a positive thinker. Life is just a bowl of carcasses!

No contest this weekend—I’m going to Berlin! I’ll be blogging from there next week, so stay tuned for posts from Europe and my show!

10 thoughts on “Tiny Fly

  1. So cute! :D Will it be part of the MochiMochi knit tinies book to be published in August? :) I’m really curious as to what patterns will be included! *crosses fingers for the record player and the tv*

  2. How do you not lose these tiny things after you knit them? I hope he watches out for old ladies.

  3. onnastick, i keep my tiny things in my purse if i leave the house, and right next to my computer in the house. it helps, so far . . .

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