Tiny Things Collection 5 is Here!

Get out your kazoos! A new Tiny Things pattern collection has just joined the Mochimochi Shop!


These are some of my recent favorites from the ongoing Tiny series, and your comments and emails tell me that many of you want to knit them too!

You need fingering-weight sock yarn, size one needles, and just a few minutes to whip these guys up. As always, you can scale up the patterns just by using bigger yarn and needles.

This PDF pattern collection is available for $5 right here!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Things Collection 5 is Here!

  1. Me too! I can’t wait until August.

    Just to clarify, these patterns won’t be in the book.

  2. So, I mistook the penguin for a bluebird, but either way I need one. Off to buy the pattern!

  3. oh i know these won’t be in the book. i will need to get this pattern too! still working on some of the other tiny patterns first! love the chef and the donut! Is the book 30 tiny things or 40? Amazon has the title listed 40 but the cover photo says 30.

  4. The book has more than 40 patterns – they used an early version of the cover design for the Amazon listing, and I wish they would hurry up and change it!

  5. Oooooh so cute! I am learning to knit so that I can make all the awesome toys in your shop and book. Slow process but these are just more inspiration.

  6. i LOVE these! but i didn’t know you were making a tiny book! i am so excited!!! :)

    age 11

  7. I love that tiny doughnut!!!!

    And what is this I am hearing about a ‘tiny’ book?

  8. I was wondering if that book was yours, and I was pretty sure that it was. Now I am positive!

    You should also make a tiny leaf, and apple, and bat, and moose, and worm, and tree. I am full of ideas today!

  9. yipee! i am home from travel and just downloaded the patterns to my desktop ! yipee!

    i think the penguin can double as the bluebird of happiness, myself ;-)

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