Tiny Ballerina

Winning caption by Jeannie:
I’m tutu cute!

Thank you all for your enthusiastic comments on my post about the new book! I’m planning to keep up the Tiny series on a weekly basis at least until it’s released in August. That will make the series continuous for more than two years!


This time, Tiny Ballerina needs a caption, and we hope you can help!

We’ll pick our favorite (ie cutest/funniest) caption on Monday. The winner will get a free PDF pattern for Tubby!


43 thoughts on “Tiny Ballerina

  1. All I can think of when I see this is Elton

    “Hold me closer tiny dancer!”

    Now I must dig out the good ‘ol Yellow Brick Road album. ‘scuse me…….

  2. Her pirouettes are so perfect, they are the very definition of “knitting in the round”!

  3. I’m your tini dancer…a dancer just for you…make me with left over sock yarn!!

  4. Inspired by my all time favourite group, Abba :-) “Nina, pretty ballerina, the queen of the dancing floor.”

  5. “Now, pirouette, and Arabesque, and Don’t forget to spot!” Called Miz. Tiny, the tiny ballerina ballet teacher

  6. Tiny ballerina hopes to one day go big performing for the stuffed bunnies on the world famous tea party table…..

  7. ….And twirl, now purl, twirl, purl, knit together now and curtsy. Well done tiny dancers!

  8. Hoping to fullfill Elton John’s wish of holding a truely tiny dancer, by becoming his partner on this summer’s new series “Tiny Dancing with the Stars”.

  9. Tiny Dancer had a hat all picked out for the Royal Wedding, but Elton took David instead

  10. Tiny Ballerina likes to practice her moves while knitting – knit, purl, over, under, sous-sur, sur-sous, yarn forward, yarn back, plie, passe….

  11. After a great performance Tiny Ballerina loves nothing more than having a good old soak in the tubby.

  12. Tiny Ballerina plans on joining a major ballet company. If only she could figure out how to get off this eternally twirling pedestal and out of this box full of plastic rings and necklaces!

  13. Hold me closer tiny dancer, count the stitches on the needles, lay me down in balls of yarn, you’ve had a busy knitting day :)

  14. this little ballerina would very much like a dance mate but she is the only one in her class.

  15. Head of her class, tiny ballerina’s strongest competition en pointe comes from a sharp little Ikea pencil, but she is head and shoulders above him in port de bras.

  16. I may have pirouetted from either circular or Double pointed needles but PINK is the ONLY color for me :-)

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