Tiny Grub

Winning caption by Mummy:
Celebrities in my jungle, this won’t end well.


It’s a Tiny Grub! What does a Tiny Grub think about all day while he’s lying around being grubby? Leave your cute/funny caption in the comments (one per person please), and we’ll pick our favorite on Monday to win…

… you probably guessed it, a free Tiny Kit!


The winner will get to choose from Tiny Buger, Panda, Zombie, Frog, or Bee. So get captioning!

68 thoughts on “Tiny Grub

  1. my brother is about to pop out of that apple you’re eating, don’t be scared, share!

  2. When I grow up, I want to be a beetle with big shiny wings! Or maybe a butterfly!

  3. “Never go THAT way. If she’d’ve kept on going that way, she’d’ve gone straight to that castle!”

  4. i’ve got nobody to hug, im such an ugly grub.
    Then a spider and a dragonfly replied
    If you’re serious and want to win a bride
    Come along with us, to the glorious annual ugly grub ball

  5. It’s Grub Awareness Week! If you’re dog brings a grub into your bed…don’t scream and faint…share some of your delicious veggies and we’ll be on our way by morning.

  6. Tiny Grub thinks: “must find a good hiding place so i don’t get eaten.

  7. Okay todays agenda:
    9:00 a.m. eat
    10:00 a.m. eat
    11:00 a.m. sleep
    12:00 a.m. HIDE FROM GARDENER !!
    1:00 p.m. play with neighbor grubbies
    the rest of the day TAKE OVER THE GARDEN !!
    or sleep?
    egh either is good :)

  8. The ninja buns will not be happy about this, I think I’ll have a better chance with the woodins.

  9. Poor Tiny grub…. He has so many ambitions in life, but no one will take him seriously. I guess they think he’s only a pupa.

  10. Oh dear – I feel naked without my apple. Can someone pass me a leaf to wear, please!

  11. Tiny grub is supposed to have a career in spinning, but he’d rather knit instead.

  12. To clear the bad reputation from those worms gave me, I will not be in your apples, but I’ll grub on anything else you have.

  13. As little grub looks up in horror as a bird starts flying to close for comfort, he whips out his Grub-i mind trick “See me, you will not. Far away you will fly” and watches as the bird soars back up, up, and away.

  14. I’ve become skeptical about this crafter here who knits birds too! what is she hiding from us?!?

  15. There once was a tiny yarn grub
    Who wished for a bath in a tub
    So that he would be clean,
    White and pristine,
    Instead of in need of a scrub!

  16. “an apple a day keeps the gardner angry,But,no apple a day keeps the gardner away.desiscions,descions…”

  17. One existential tiny Huhu grub asks “who am I?”
    the other replys “Huhu”
    “Who, who? no that’s what i’m asking you!”

    Huhu grubs are well known in lil ol’ New Zealand and apparently taste a bit like peanut butter so i’ve heard, go figure!

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