Tiny Kits Now in the Mochimochi Shop!

UPDATE 5/20: Thank you to CRAFT for blogging about the kits!

I’m happy to announce that my Tiny Kits are now available in the Mochimochi Shop!


The kits come with a pattern (obviously) and enough fingering-weight yarn (Cascade Heritage, which is a wool/nylon blend) and stuffing to make multiple Tinys. Make them into earrings, gift toppers, or carry them around in your pocket for good luck!

Available kits are for Tiny Zombie, Bee, Panda, Burger, and Frog.


You’ll just need a set of size 1 DPNs, a tapestry needle, and a couple of hours to make the little guys.

p.s. These patterns won’t be in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, in case you were wondering!

8 thoughts on “Tiny Kits Now in the Mochimochi Shop!

  1. They are also available at Essential Knits in New London, NH. This is a wonderful little store and Kim, the owner, is always ready to help you with any problem. Be sure to see the tiny hamburgers she knit!

  2. I definitely plan to, Michelle! I’ve been thinking about doing a Tiny Penguin kit, and probably one more from the Tiny Collection 5. I’d love to hear if you have any specific requests.

  3. Will they have to be from the Tiny Collections? Or can they be any tiny thing? If they have to be from they Tiny Collections, I like the tiny doughnut, the tiny chef, and the tiny toothpaste! P.S. I like the tiny penguin idea too!

  4. What Cascade Heritage Yarn are in these kits? I looked up Cascade Heritage, but there is more than one kind…… What kind did you use? Thank you! >^-^<

  5. It’s the one that’s just called Heritage, a fingering-weight wool/nylon blend in solid colors.

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