Toy Design Class at Brooklyn General June 26


With encouragement from nice knitters on Twitter, I’ve decided to offer a class on designing your own knitted toy! Wouldn’t that be fun?

If you’re experienced knitter who loves toys in the NYC area, I hope you’ll sign up for my 3-D Toy Design Class at Brooklyn General on June 26th. (Experienced just means that you have an understanding of basic construction and experience with knitting in the round.) You’ll bring a sketch of an animal, doll, or any other kind of character, and we’ll make a plan for how you can turn it into a knitted toy design.

I think it will be a blast seeing what people come up with and figuring out the best design together. A little simple math and geometry will be involved, plus a lot of tricks and techniques that I’ve picked up in 4 years of toy designing.

Date/Time: Sunday, June 26, 1-4 pm

Price: $75

Level: Experienced (an understanding of basic construction and experience with knitting in the round)

Supplies needed:
– One or two sketches of toys you’d like to design
– Worsted-weight yarn in two colors and size 5 double-pointed needles

Sign up on the Brooklyn General website, or call 718-237-7753.

13 thoughts on “Toy Design Class at Brooklyn General June 26

  1. Yay! Go you!

    I so wish I could come to this. Would be fascinating to see how your cute little knits come together. Bet your technique is much less chaotic than mine. :)

  2. Would you ever consider coming to Los Angeles? We would love to have you here!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Mary – It’s looking like I’ll be teaching this class at VK Live LA in September. I can’t wait!

  4. Dang it! I’m at this awesome convention in upstate NY that weekend. Maybe if it goes well you will do another one in the area.

  5. Aaahhhh!!! I’m so excited! I went online to look at the schedule of classes..there are so many! But I’m having a hard time locating your name. Do you know if it’s listed yet? Which section would it be under? I’m definitely getting a group of my friends to go…this is great!

  6. So great that you have plans for VK Live! The class isn’t official yet, but I think it will be offered on Friday. I’m also going to be teaching a tiny toy knitting class on the same day. But the times aren’t for sure yet, so please check back!

  7. That sounds sooo great! I wish I could come…… :'( Is there a chance you will teach a class in Ohio anytime?

  8. Thats great. I wish I could come. Is there any chance in the future that you might come to England and teach a class. Maybe in manchester?

  9. I may come. I would love to see the knitting in action. How do I add to the comment to win something? I thought I had but it was on the wrong design. Grrrr

  10. Quick random question: Have you ever timed your rate of knitting? I’m curious as to how it stacks up to mine, despite having a long knitting history and I still have the reflexes of a molasses sloth.

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