Tiny Lemon

Winning caption by Michelle:
Tiny dyslexic lemon isn’t afraid of being squeezed, but don’t show him the melon baller!


This weekend marks the official start of lemonade season! But I have a feeling this Tiny Lemon isn’t so excited about that.

Leave your Tiny Lemon caption in the comments (one per person, please) and this time our favorite will win a free PDF pattern for Campy and the Mallows!


Because of Memorial Day, we’ll choose our favorite caption on Tuesday. Good luck, and have a great weekend!

79 thoughts on “Tiny Lemon

  1. I believe that if life gives you a lemon like me, you shouldn’t make lemonade… but to find some alcohol, and we can have a party!

  2. Tiny dyslexic lemon isn’t afraid of being squeezed, but don’t show him the melon baller!

  3. Sir Sour grew up side by side
    With a strawberry named Adelaide.
    He dreamed of romances
    And she spurned his advances,
    But now she’s Sir Sour’s sweet bride.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS THE JUICER!!!!!!!!!!!!!RUN LEMON RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tiny Lemon says, “When paper cuts happen, all you need is a little lemon-aide!”

  6. Everybody’s favourite member of the Rutacea family,
    or in Lemon’s terms, a lemon.

  7. some think tiny lemon must be super tart
    what they really don’t know is that he’s really quite smart!
    he generally impresses with his looks, smarts, and wit
    although what he wishes some understood
    is that it’s not in his power to change that he’s sour!

  8. When life gives you lemons, make grape juice instead. Then sit back and feel legendary.

    “I’m saved”, says little lemon.

  9. Tiny lemon has a real zest for life… and on occasion he has been known to be a bit knotty!

  10. “Life may have knitted me a tiny lemon, but the only kind of lemonade I’ll be a part of is hanging out with tiny bandaid.”

  11. When you have finished with me,plant my seeds so I can grow tiny lemony friends!

  12. Tiny Lemon and his tiny lemon buddies sat round the camp fire with their marshmellows listening to horror stories…. ” and then suddenly they heared a noise. the lemons looked to see a chef with a zester, but how ever hard they tried they couldn’t get away. so they were made into lemon meringue pie!” the tiny lemons screamed. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR. thank goodness chefs are make believe. said tiny lemon

  13. Little lemons are the best but limes are the NEW lemons – so leave us little ones alone!

  14. C’mon, c’mon. Fall and Winter will be here soon, so why don’t you drink hot chocolate?

  15. You dont want to squeeze me !!! Silly human!
    Kool-aid is a lemon-safe alternative
    and it makes your tongue pretty colors!!
    Please have mercy!

  16. Please don’t squeeze me. Im not peeling well. i earned I’ll never be a True Lemon……

  17. Think about it, drinking lemonaid is like drinking my GUTS; and thats just gross…..

  18. He may seem sour, but that’s because you’ve never really been sweet to him. (Lemonade, much?)

  19. “Hey I see more yellow yarn over there!! Knit yourself a glass of lemonade! Wait, no not the juicer! Ahhhhh!!!”

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