Tiny Lemon is a Little Mixed Up

We had nearly 80 caption submissions for Tiny Lemon—sweet! Many of you had him trying to talk his way out of being made into lemonade in adorable ways. We decided that Tiny Lemon might have something else on his mind…


Tiny dyslexic lemon isn’t afraid of being squeezed, but don’t show him the melon baller!

That caption was from Michelle, who wins a free PDF pattern for Campy and the Mallows. Yay!


Thank you to everyone for the fun lemony captions!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Lemon is a Little Mixed Up

  1. YAY! Campy and the marshmallows are just in time for camping season!! All we need now is a pitcher of melonade! (you’re safe, Tiny Lemon!).
    Thanks for the awesome pattern! Can’t wait for your Tiny Mochimochi book to come out :)

  2. Darn it! I never win these things. Maybe next time…

    Hey, what is going to be your next tiny, Anna?

  3. Haha… I love your photos Anna!!!

    I think that this one really captures the essence of Lemon’s fear of the melon baller.

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