192 Mochis

My knitted ball pool has been growing! If you haven’t been following, I’m knitting tons of little colorful characters that I will eventually assemble into an art piece, which will go up August 1 at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC.

As of last Wednesday, I had this many mochis:


You can count them if you like, but by my count, it’s 192. For a little size perspective:


My goal is at least 300, and I think I’m going to make it!

I still haven’t decided exactly what formation these guys will take, but I’ll probably start stitching them together in the next few weeks. I might just begin attaching and see what happens. Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “192 Mochis

  1. . . . and my hubby thinks I’m crazy! :-) Is this character in one of your pattern books? (like I need a few more projects. . .)

  2. This is a character I’ve just been using for some art pieces in the past year or so. I’m finding the simple form to be kind of addictive, and somehow repeating it again and again is fascinating to me.

  3. absolutely mindblowing!
    I see the adorable toilet in the background, if its available in the shop anytime soon, I’d definetly buy it!

  4. I love the mochis!

    I am also a big fan of your writing desk, where did you get it? It looks like a lovely place to work.

  5. Those are SO COOL!

    I see the Gnome Ring on your desk, and the toilet. Are you going to add the pattern to the shop? I would DEFINITELY buy it.

  6. Good eyes, Nick and Lachlan – that is indeed a toilet on my desk. (I just noticed it was in the picture as I posted it.) I’m hoping to get a pattern ready for it in the next couple of months!

    Sarah – the desk was from Crate & Barrel, although I don’t know if they’re still selling it. (Nor do I remember what it was called.) The pretty white paint is starting to show a little wear after a couple years’ use, but I still love it.

  7. How does one go about sponsoring a Mochi? Can I donate by the month? Will my Mochi write to me? Can I get a photo of my Mochi for my refrigerator? Will my Mochi go to college if I pay for it? I have other questions but will wait for my information packet.

  8. I love these!!! Just curious, but how do you plan on attaching all of them? It seems like it would take forever!! :)

  9. i love all the bright colors! these are so adorable…. after they are on display will we be able to buy them like the peices from the exibit you did in NY last fall?

  10. Kelly – I’ve thought about breaking it up into smaller clusters for sale, but I might end up keeping it all intact instead.

    Dad, I love your Mochi sponsoring program! Now we just have to figure out how to get NGO status.

  11. i know what you can do with those mochis. you can thread them all onto a piece of yarn and roll the yarn into a circle so they look like an rug and then sew them in that position so you have a mochi rug!

  12. These guys are fabulous! You can’t help but smile lookin’ at ’em! I can’t wait to see the exhibit!

    You’re right, Dad, they are like the tribles! I’d sponsor one, too. Can’t have ’em starving or anything. ;o)

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