Kackel Dackel

As you know, I went to Berlin in April, accompanied by my lovely sister-in-law Jenna. I was mostly there to make art and to see art, and Jenna was mostly there to locate this game:

That’s right, it’s a German game in which you get points for making a dog poop. We actually didn’t find the game in any of the many toy stores we stopped in, but Jenna managed to acquire one later via eBay. It’s pretty much as fun as it looks!

By the way, Jenna, who took gorgeous photos of my cats last year, has just moved next door to us in Brooklyn. If you’re in the area and have a pet and/or a kid, check out her beautiful photography website!

8 thoughts on “Kackel Dackel

  1. Thank you again for this and for answering my question about the heritage yarn! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can not express my thanks!

  2. the germans eh! such a wacky sense of humor. we love our scatalogical games, we do. and now i want one (a kackel dackel, not a german – already got one of those)

  3. I ordered one and am having it shipped to my niece and nephew! Thanks for the tip. I will be the favorite Auntie now. :)

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