Tiny Baby Bunnies Tea Cozy

I was so excited when I spotted this tea cozy made by Katielewth on Ravelry!


There is no way that you could turn down a cup of tea from this adorable thing. Katie modified my Tiny Baby Bunnies pattern to make them even tinier, and she shares her patterns for the other elements in the design on her Ravelry project page.


I adore her use of the tea cozy as landscape. The possibilities must be endless!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Baby Bunnies Tea Cozy

  1. Oh, this is so super cute. One of my friends is super into tea, and I’d love to make something like this for her. I wonder if she’d find it too cutesy though.

  2. This is gorgeous! I have a plain knitted teacosy waiting to be enhanced and this has inspired me to make some tiny things to live on it. A woodland theme with shrooms perhaps. I received the Knitting Mochimochi book last weekend as a belated birthday gift and cannot decide what to make first… a lovely “problem”!

  3. Totally wants me to become a tea drinker again. Perhaps I can do something for my French Press.

    This is gorgeous and inspirational.

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