Tiny Wizard can go Magically Low

OK, there was some seriously silly spell-making going on in the Tiny Wizard comments over the weekend! It was sooo hard to choose a winner this time. But after reading them through a couple of times, one super silly poem stood out to me:

Tiny Wizard used to be big
and not so very much nimble;

But he’s shrunk himself down
close to the ground
nearly the size of a thimble;

You would think that this guy
in a much bigger size
would love spells
that make people tremble;

But true to his heart
he uses his art
to make sure he beats Yoda at limbo!


That awesomely written epic was by Sarah! So Sarah wins the pattern for Hugs + Squoze. Yay, congrats!


I was going to list some honorable mentions, but there were just too many that I loved this time! So I encourage you to look back at all of the spells in the comments. It’s participation like this that makes me excited about knitting and blogging all over again. Thank you to all who contributed spells!

Some of you might be interested to see how Tiny Wizard looks beside his cousin Tiny Gnome. The family resemblance is definitely there.


(Tiny Gnome looks a little wary of that wand… But mostly I think he’s just jealous about the cape.)

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