Tiny Viking

The three winning captions are featured in The Tale of Tiny Viking!


She is a fierce Tiny Viking and she’s ready to conquer something big! But what should that be?

Leave your conquest suggestion in the comments (one per person, please), and we’re going to choose THREE favorites on Monday for a special prize!


Potter Craft, the publisher of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, is celebrating five years of craft books, and they’ve given me three anniversary totes to give away. It’s a great large and heavy-duty bag, perfect for shopping. So think like a Tiny Viking, and one could be yours!

53 thoughts on “Tiny Viking

  1. Tiny Viking(a.k.a FourPly Ironspear) is going to conquer Yarn-halla! It’s where the legendary Holy DPN’s are rumoured to be hidden and Tiny Viking will pillage until she finds them.

    ‘Mochimochi!’ is her battlecry!

  2. Beware! It is Kitta the Knitter!! She is about to embark on an epic expedition to conquer the dreaded KnitDragon!!

  3. Tiny Viking used to pillage and raid, but now spends her days singing in the opera. She may be small, but don’t underestimate her voice!

  4. I think she is one of The Valkyrie & is getting ready to select the Vikings who died in battle back to the eternal party that is Valhalla!

  5. she is going to conquer the world of opera, beginning at the knitted Sydney Opera House!

    …there *is* a knitted Sydney Opera House, isn’t there?

  6. Her husband. Who wont do the dishes after dinner. Being a viking doesn’t make being married to one any easier.

  7. she is locking for yarnland (iceland) but was confused by lanyardland (Greenland).

  8. I think this tiny knitted Viking is finally going to conquer Kitchener stitch.

  9. No skein left unturned: she’s going to conquer her weakness for yarn and attempt to organize her stash in a single weekend!

  10. she is not afraid to take all yarn stores with brute force and take all knitters as her loyal slaves… she may be small but she sure can conquer!!!

  11. Tiny viking is going to conquer the Isle of Fair with needles in hand. But no matter how many times she tries she always ends up with tangled yarn! Darn those sweaters!

  12. “I shall capture me DPNs, wool, acrylic, and all dee knitting supplies I shall find! I shall capture!”

  13. “Next time I go this far Norse, I’m going to have to wear some more clothes!”

  14. Tiny Viking cast off with her tight knit crew. They knew she would put up with no nonsense…any loose stitches were to be purled overboard.

  15. Poor Tiny Viking was left in awe. All those years, she cheered for the Minnesota Vikings, but alas…

  16. This Viking is ready to go hiking,
    To conquer the highest mountain.
    But before she got there,
    She thought of Canton
    and their delicious wonton,
    Turned back to conquer preparing the dish instead.

  17. Viking Lady: “My crew of four Darned Pathetic Nitters (DPNs) used seamless effort to capture this stashed treasure of yarn!”

  18. du kommer hjem i en hest trukket ambulanse (thank you google translate for the norwegian lol, i cant remember the old norse from my re-enactment days lol)

  19. This Tiny Viking is going to conquer the heart of her beloved but ennemy Asterix the Gaul! She loves him since she is a little girl, but their nation are in war since forever….
    It’s a very tough battle for her!

  20. Today: the state of Texas. Tomorrow: the United States. Day after that: the WORLD! She’s just going ‘berserk’ about it!

  21. we shall fight needle to hook to concor the land of Yarnia, the dredded crocheters shant win again!!!
    knitters hoooooo!!

  22. Never underestimate her size… She’s the perfect height for taking over Mochimochi Land! Those gnomes had better ask for some tiny swords and shields!

  23. I believe she’ll conquer her fear of knitting knitalongs. Unlike myself , I have yet to give that a try though I yearn to accomplish this someday.

  24. She is going to shove Placido Domingo off the stage and sing all by herself! “Move it Spaniard-Mexican! The Tiny Viking’s voice is bigger than you ego!”

  25. She is going to be the best darn little cheerleader the Minnesota Vikings ever had, and she she will see the victory over the Packers and da-Bears!

  26. I think, first, she will pillage a village of tiny fairy houses. Then, after stealing their knitting, she will use her spoils to conquer LACE. She will be one step ahead of me at that point.

  27. Do you know why Viking men are so fierce? Because when all the pillaging and rampaging is done, they have to come home to their wives! Who expect much plunder……….or else!

  28. Her goal is to conquer the great yarn montains of Cascade! She might see some tiny mountain goats there!

  29. tiny viking is making plans to board the ship heading north to purland and knitland

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