The Tale of Tiny Viking

With your help, today we present the epic tale of Tiny Viking, who braved the wooly wilds on the vast outskirts of Mochimochi Land.

According to Shama D, first our Tiny Viking decided that she would conquer the dreaded fiber-breathing dragon!!!


(The part of the dragon is played by Tiny Dino, who will appear in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi!)

His breath made this conquest so not worth it, though, so she moved on.

Next, Erin Berry tells of her quest to conquer “the ring.” But alas, that’s just a stitch marker…sigh.


And finally, Mandy recounts the day that Tiny Viking set out to conquer the Isle of Fair with needles in hand. But no matter how many times she tried, she ended up with tangled yarn.


And that was the end of Tiny Viking. Just kidding—I hear she took up crochet and is now spending her days happily making granny-square sails for her ship.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the caption contest! (There were many other cute and hilarious captions!) And for Shama D, Erin Berry, and Mandy, I have three Potter Craft totes to send you. Congrats!


9 thoughts on “The Tale of Tiny Viking

  1. Thank you for picking my quote! I had fun with it. And i have to say that I am super super stoked for the new book. Even more so now that I know it contains Dinosaurs!!!!!

  2. Juliana, the “dragon” is in the book as Tiny Dinosaur. I just designed the Tiny Viking last week, but I also love her and hope to release the pattern either on my website or in a future book. You haven’t seen the last of her!

  3. This has got to be one of my favourites of the Teenies, do you know when your book will be available in the UK, I’d love to buy it, your last one is just brilliant!

  4. I have pre-ordered this book from Amazon and cannot wait to get it!!!! Your little cuties are awesome….My grandchildren of course want one of everything….

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