Jell-o Imitates Life

On Saturday I attended Jell-o Takes New York, a jell-o mold competition at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn. Who is interested in Jell-o molds these days, you ask? All of these people, that’s who.


The strange new forms that gelatin and agar were taking in this room boggled the mind. They included Jell-o “shots”…


And a Jell-o piano that could actually be played because of electric fields or something crazy like that.


Jell-o was being projected on a wall…


And there were TWO entries of Jell-o breakfast, one of which I photographed.


Many of the Jell-o artists, it turns out, used 3D printing technology to make their molds, which added an intriguing layer of technology to the competition. And did I mention you could sample all of the Jell-o? It was an interesting mixture of extremely beautiful and stomach-turning presentation, and I only ended up trying three, two of which were delicious (coffee/caramel/cinnamon and lemon meringue pie).

As it was a competition, there were winners, which are listed on the Gowanus Studio Space website.

The event did not disappoint as far as wacky “new Brooklyn” events go—I can’t say I feel any more or less inclined to eat jell-o than usual, but the whole thing was fun and inspiring!

3 thoughts on “Jell-o Imitates Life

  1. I have not had jello for a long time! Maybe I should make some…

    You should knit some tiny jello!

  2. The Jello being projected on the wall is really cool, but I have to admit that I’m a little weirded out by the breakfast entry.

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