Pearl and the Beard Giveaway

Our giveaway winner is comment #40 by knitcrazy!

Me, my Mom, and my Mom’s friend Vera. We all love knitting (well, maybe my Mom less), so we would be wearing and knitting the sweater at the same time!

You may have noticed that occasionally I blog about music that I love, even though most of my blog is dedicated to things knitting related. Very seldom do these two interests collide, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Pearl and the Beard, a fantastic Brooklyn band (so, also local to me!) with a love for knitting. The 3-person sweater pictured on their new album was made by Jocelyn Mackenzie, one of the members!


Killing the Darlings is definitely 3-person sweater-worthy.


Pearl and the Beard draw you in with warm 3-part harmonies that are sweet and haunting at the same time—combined with masterfully played acoustic instruments (cello, guitar), the songs are steeped in tradition with a very 2011 spirit. Just check out this free track from the album, “Reverend”:


So about that sweater. Jocelyn designed and made it herself using a knitting machine, which is something I’ve been really interested in lately. She explains how it all happened in this video.

I mentioned a giveaway in the title of this post, and it’s true! Pearl and the Beard are letting me give away a copy of Killing the Darlings to one person, so I’d like to ask you all: who would you put in your 3-person sweater? Myself, I’d wear the sweater with my two cats. They would hate it, but it would make for a great photo shoot!

Let us know who your sweater companions would be in the comments to this post, and I’ll randomly select a winner this Friday, July 1st. If the winner is in the US, they’ll get a physical copy of the album, and if they’re out of the country, they’ll get the album as a download. Good luck!

48 thoughts on “Pearl and the Beard Giveaway

  1. Me, my daughter Mary, and her daughter Lucy (13), all knitting together! That would be awesome! We’d have a ball! LOL!

  2. My sister, my husband, and myself. They make me laugh all the time! My sweater would be so happy! (my husband might not be after awhile, though)

  3. I’d make it for me, my cat Trouble, and my roommate’s cat Izzy. Trouble and Izzy only get along in the winter when they snuggle for warmth so I think this sweater would definitely help their relationship.

  4. A fearsome threesome… My daughter, my sister and myself… I’m not sure how it happened, but there are many days when I’d swear I gave birth to a clone of my baby sister!

  5. I’d put myself with Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre and Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. My two literary crushes and yarn? That’s got to be heaven! :)

  6. Me and my two best friends… I haven’t seen them since I moved countries, and it would be nice to be close to them again.

  7. I would include myself and my two younger twin sisters. We’d look like triplets AND it would make an extra classy Christmas postcard picture. OR I’d put myself and all three members of Pearl and the Beard in there. We’d make it work.

  8. This past weekend in NYC it would have been good to have this kind of sweater because my husband and I kept losing each other…one of us would stop to look at something and the other would keep walking about a half-block before realizing the other was no longer right there. :) So, for a vacation, I think me, my husband, and anyone who actually knows how to navigate Manhattan would be a great combo, preferably with the guide between us so we’d have our arms free for taking pictures. :)

  9. I would share a three-person sweater with my daughter, Caro, and my friend Gabe. Caro would be in the middle, so I couldn’t lose her – even better than a toddler leash! Gabe would be there to keep us laughing; not that we’d need much help with laughing about a three-person sweater, but Gabe would have a great sense of humor about it :)

  10. My husband, my daughter and me. Daughter wants to be carried all the time so maybe the center sweater could be sewn up on the bottom and become a hammock.

  11. me, my dog, and my sister… it would be fun for the first five minutes then chaos… :P

  12. I would definitely put my two kids in it. Although, they are both small enough that I could put them both in the middle sweater and then my husband could join in the fun too.

  13. LOL. That would be a fun sweater. If I wasn’t able to put a hot guy in #1 or #3 I guess I’d stick with my 2 fav knitting chicks (if any of them read this I’ll let them imagine they would be the one picked).

  14. I would wear it with my mom and my sister-like cousin. They also happen to be my best friends :)

  15. i would have my rabbit Krackers, my Mom and i in are 3-person sweater. to be all warm and snuggly.

  16. Either my Mother-In-Law, me and one of my daughters (or take two pics, one for each daughter to have a 3 generational pic) or me and my two daughters to display our family beauty ;-)

  17. It would have to be me, my husband, and my older daughter. My younger daughter would probably prefer to sit this one out anyway. She doesn’t do kitsch.

  18. My dad, my mom, and my brother, especially when we go out–it will be easier to not get separated from each other/find each other! (My parents have both have cell phones but they rarely answer them ;___; )

  19. I’d wear it with my two best friends, because well, they’re my best friends, and plus it would be super hilarious. I’m 5 foot, one friend is 5’3″ and the other is 5’8″!

  20. I would put my 3 grandkids in the sweater. It might be too big for two 4 year olds and a 2 year old, but it would be a way to keep them all in the same room at the same time.

  21. Ahhhhhh I wish the giveaway was for that sweater too! I’d want to share it with my husband on one side and my two kittens on the other. Then I’d have the whole family close for cuddles!

  22. I have to spin off of Kim’s idea- My fiancee, Me in the middle, and Nicolas Cage (favorite actor- cheesy I know…)!

  23. One of my college buds, she had a huge sweater that we both fit in back then (and I have the pic to prove it!)… and my youngest since she is my crafty companion …

  24. Ooo! It would be me, my chihuahua, and my hub. My doggie would have to be in the middle…it would be a sweater-burrito of cuteness!

  25. I would put my two best friends in the sweater with me. Right now one of them lives in Georgia and the other just accepted a job in Texas, which leaves me alone here in Illinois. But with a three-person sweater, they wouldn’t be able to escape, because it would just be rude to leave behind a handmade gift like that!

  26. Me, my Mom, and my Mom’s friend Vera. We all love knitting (well, maybe my Mom less), so we would be wearing and knitting the sweater at the same time!

  27. Tough choice, choosing between a boyfriend, Abe, and our two dogs, Nisa and Ernie. But I think it would be my boyfriend and our dog Ernie. Poor Nisa would be left out in the cold. Then I would feel bad and kick Abe out and replace him with Nisa and the three of us could give Abe a gigantic hug!

  28. Ooh, fun giveaway! I just saw that sweater earlier today and loved it. I think my sweater companions would be my best friend and the dog. :)

  29. If I had to put 2 other people in a sweater with me I would put Jace from the Mortal Instruments so that he could feel loved and Oscar Wilde because I would want to hear what witty things he would say about the whole situation.

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