Musical Pigs

No, it’s not a new parlor game (although maybe it should be)—musical pigs are knitter WittieKnittie’s take on Pigs with Wigs!

WittieKnittie has some music-loving friends, and so she made Bach the Pig for one of them…


A Shostakovitch Pig for another friend…


And for a friend who was going away to study at a music conservatory, Mozart the Pig!


Not only are these musical pigs super cute, but they’re also really small! WittieKnittie used Knit Picks Palette yarn to make them, so they’re palm-sized pigs.

If you’ve done a fun mod on a Mochimochi pattern, please add it to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group! It will appear on the gallery page, and it will automatically be entered in our next photo contest.

7 thoughts on “Musical Pigs

  1. That is utterly, utterly wonderful. I am learning to play the piano (as a 40-something year old!) and maybe I need a pig with a famous-composer wig to cheer me on.

    (I particularly love the Shostakovitch pig, because it’s so unexpected…you might expect the Baroque/classical composers with their powdered wigs, but not him.)

  2. I love the musical pigs! Especially Shostakovitch! Someone should make an Einstein pig too. He had great hair. :)

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