Pearl and the Beard Giveaway Winner

It was great to get so many entries in the Pearl and the Beard giveaway! To win a copy of their new album Killing the Darlings, I asked you to tell us who you would put in your three-person sweater. 48 of you revealed who you’d like to get cozy with! And our randomly-selected winner is…


Comment #40 by knitcrazy!

Me, my Mom, and my Mom’s friend Vera. We all love knitting (well, maybe my Mom less), so we would be wearing and knitting the sweater at the same time!

Congrats, knitcrazy! Now you will be able to listen to some lovely Pearl and the Beard music while you attempt to knit a three-person sweater of your own.

This was a really fun giveaway to do, and many thanks go to Pearl and the Beard for sharing their music. If you haven’t yet, go check out their website!

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