Tiny Island


Who says you can’t be an island?

Soon you’ll be able to make a Tiny Island of your own—this one’s going to be in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi! It’s coming out in just a few weeks! (I’ll also be previewing the actual photos from the book soon.)

No caption contest today, but we’ll get back to those next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Island

  1. That would be cool to attach a little piece of velcro to the bottom and set it on a computer. Dress up your desk!

  2. dear anyone who lives near cape cod… i will treat you to pizza, ice cream and a day on the beach if you will teach me how to knit in the round so i can make cute, cute, cute things such as this adorable little island! :D i love him!

  3. Hey, and if you take off the tree and make the water white you’d have a fried egg on you island so you wouldn’t starve!!!! :)

    Can hardly wait to get the new book!! Amazon has pre-order that will show up on the release date…. When will YOU be offering it? How about signed copies? I’d always rather give my $ to the crafter than the huge corporation!!

  4. Thank you all for the happy (and funny) comments! Susie – I will indeed be offering signed copies of the book in my shop starting August 16th. Thanks so much for asking!

  5. Heh heh…. he looks like a colored fried egg if the tree wasn’t there. P.S. I notice that before I saw this comment.


    if you took the tree off the island, it would look like a strangly colored egg!

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