Teeny-Tiny Diorama

A couple months ago I made a diorama as a little visual promo for Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi—I’ll mostly be using it for in-person events, so I thought I’d share some pics here for people who won’t be able to see it in person.


A diorama! The last time I made one of those, I think I was still in elementary school. I had a blast coming up with the scene that the Tinys from the book would inhabit. I determined early on that I needed a Tiny Chicken crossing the road, and her motivation turned out to be a pair of Tiny Fried Eggs.


(The Tiny Armadillo to the right is playing the role of roadkill.)

Tiny Bride and Tiny Groom are perpetually tying the knot, with Tiny Xs and Os serving as their wedding party.


And somehow a Tiny Caveman beating a Tiny Computer with his club seemed appropriate.


To make the diorama, I used many of my samples that I already had on hand from taking the photos that appear in the book, so the only things I had to make new were the scenery and the letters. But those letters were a ton of work! I timed it, and it took me exactly 30 minutes to make one of the inch-tall Es in “Teeny-Tiny.” I love how they came out though.

Soupy, of course, says he could have done way better. And gimme that Tiny Chicken.


If you live in NYC, you’ll be able to see this in person and get a signed copy of the book on September 8th at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio! (Check their website closer to the date for the details.)

22 thoughts on “Teeny-Tiny Diorama

  1. Absolutely fabulous–just out of this world cool! Let’s hope you’re touring it all over the country so we all can see it in person!!!

  2. i need to own all of these – especially the tiny chicken. can’t wait for your book next month!!!! please tell me tiny chicken is in the book. . . . .

  3. Very cute, esp the chicken. I was at comic con this weekend and saw your other book at the publishers booth. Sorry to say I forgot to take a picture of it. sigh.

  4. Thank you for the super happy comments!

    Shirley – cool to hear that my book was at Comic Con. I had no idea!

    Robin – Tiny Chickens are definitely in the book!

    And Seanna Lea – it would be great to see you at the signing if you can make it!

  5. Maybe soupy was looking for a tiny mouse?
    Your work is looking cooler and cooler by the minute. I’ve made some monster slippers from your first book (although I turned them into bear slippers) and will be making some stack able cats pretty soon :)

  6. that’s delightful! thanks for the photo.

    i’m very impressed that you managed to make so many teeny tiny things with a cat around. i just got a new kitten and am attempting to make a bunch of tiny perching pigeons (as wedding decorations!). unfortunately, the perching pigeons are apparently infinitely fascinating for a little kitten.

  7. That is just too cool! I wish I could be able to see it in person… Unfortunately, I’m on the other side of the country. x3 Oh well, maybe someday. Still can’t wait for the book!

    Oh, and about the caveman and computer… Maybe the guy saw a Geico ad. :P

  8. Outstanding as always! I particularly love the caveman beating the computer with the club – I was ready to do that today! :)

  9. Love love love those tiny tinies!!! I also have problems with my little kittens being too curious about my knitting! I have to hide in my bedroom to get anything done. Any tips Anna or anyone?

  10. That picture of Soupy with the diorama is absolutely perfect! It looks like a giant cat-zilla is about to demolition the whole town of tiny Mochimochi. If you could enter your own picture contest, that one would win for sure! Hahahahaha!

  11. lalalalove it! but i cant knit that cuz i am only ten. i just knit bracelets and stuff.

  12. Everyone should have a Mochi table top. I cant wait for the book so maybe i can create my very own MochiMochiland Florida annex

  13. Wow, that’s so amazing! I wish I could come to the book signing in NYC, but that’s across the country from me!Buying the book as soon as it’s out. (or is it already?)

  14. Could you maybe make a pattern for a knitted alphabet? It would be so cool! Thanks!

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