Knit Yourself a Toilet!

It is my great honor to announce the release of the pattern for Flushie the Toilet!


Flushie wants to be your new intimate friend. This intermediate pattern makes an interactive toy—Flushie’s lid can open and close for hours of potty talk! Perfect for toilet trainees and immature adults of all ages.

A pattern for Professor Plunger is included; additional accessories are limited only by your imagination!


The pattern for Flushie is available as a PDF download for $7 in the Mochimochi Shop!

** Bathroom Bonus **

Every Flushie purchase through August 7th comes with a FREE pattern for Tubby the Bathtub!


(A link to download the Tubby pattern will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your Flushie pattern purchase.)

7 thoughts on “Knit Yourself a Toilet!

  1. I already got the pattern! Awesome! The pattern for the mat is included. I am going to make it in a few days, once I get all of the supplies.

  2. I have a friend who really likes Professor Plunger, but doesn’t want Flushie(Why not? hes so cute!) Could I just get the pattern or him?

  3. Anna, do your cats enjoy wool? My cat are nuts about it so I usually stick to acrylic for stuffed stuff, much to my hands’ chagrin. :/

  4. Hope – sorry, the plunger pattern only comes with Flushie. But with the Tubby pattern special, that basically makes Flushie only $2, if that helps!

    Marie – my cats are nuts for wool, but I’ve found that once it’s knit up (as long as it’s not a tiny project), they are less interested than when it’s in a ball form. I have to keep my tiny toys stashed away all the time, though!

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