Tiny Princess

Winning caption by Jan:
Tiny Princess is keeping herself busy taking photos with her new camera while she’s waiting for her tiny prints to develop.

To add to the category of miniature people with cone-shaped hats (see Tiny Gnome and Tiny Wizard)…


… it’s Tiny Princess!

As Tiny Princesses do, this one is waiting for her Tiny Prince to come. But she has to keep occupied in the meantime, right?

Tell us what Tiny Princess is up to in her spare time in the captions, and we’ll pick a favorite on Monday! The winner this time will get the PDF pattern for Flushie, the friendliest knitted throne!


37 thoughts on “Tiny Princess

  1. Tiny Princesses use tiny spinning wheels to spin the threads for their tiny ball gowns. Any spare time is spent polishing the glass slippers – they’re impossible to keep clean!

  2. She spends her time thinking about how much more beautiful she is compared to Princess Peach:)

  3. She’s a resourceful princess and is knitting her own prince instead of waiting for one to show up. She’s just put down her knitting to pose for the photo, but it’s there just out of view.

  4. Tiny Princess is off to visit the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota. And then, she will visit the Shrine of the Giant Flushie Toilet in New York City. Afterword, she will take a bubble bath in Tubby. (No gnomes allowed)

  5. tiny princess always loved Rapunzel’s long hair, so instead of waiting for hers to grow she simply increased the number of stitches per row!

  6. Tiny Princess is hoping her Tiny Prince will come along soon,then she can be part of her own “Knit Your Own Tiny Royal Wedding”

  7. much to the rest of the royal family’s dismay, tiny princess does not want a tiny prince. she wants a gnome, but no gnomes will come her way, because they all think she wants a prince. soon, tiny princess will finally break down and knit herself a frankengnome with the mind and personality of a prince, but the charming little good looks of a gnome.

  8. And she will use the tiny wizard (her great grandfather)’s magic to bring it to life! (added onto my other post)

  9. Tiny princess has been knitting herself some tiny frogs, hoping one of them will turn into a tiny price when she kisses it. So far, she has not had much luck, but she will persevere.

  10. It just didn’t seem fair: The last good man had been stolen by Thumbelina, and now Tiny Princess would be forced to live alone.

  11. Tiny Princess has been taking kick-boxing lessons from a tiny ninja and is to fight in the ongoing war against the dreaded wool moths. She has been accompanied by 7 tiny gnomes, all of whom secretly harbour tinty love for her tiny heart. She has failed to tell them that she plans to become a tiny Nun when her mission has been completed.

  12. She wonders where her PrInCe is, saying, “Where art thou Teenie-Tineo!!????”

  13. Tiny princess has been waiting so long that rapunzels hair seems short compared to hers

  14. All her days of frog kissing were to no avail. Rather than a frog turning into her prince charming, she became the size of a tadpole

  15. wondering how her fairy godmother could’ve forgotten to tell her the whole shrinking, losing her shoes (and feet!) when the clock strikes midnight part of the deal…

  16. Why keep herself occupied? Tiny Princess will just knit herself up a Tiny Prince! He’ll be the perfect boyfriend :)

  17. I was picturing her taking karate lessons, but AmyJ’s already got that covered. :)

  18. Tiny princess has given up on her prince arriving to rescue her so she has started knitting some hair extensions so she can climb out of the castle.

  19. I just discovered you because I saw you on my twitter’s “Who to follow”. Oh. Em. Gee… why has the internet been hiding you from me all this time?! I am completely smitten and under your mochimochiawesomeness spell!

  20. Once upon a time was a gurl
    Her name was Princess Purl
    She waits for her beaux
    Hoping he’ll show
    But she’ll need one more gusset
    If she waits by the buffet!*

    *Be creative with this pronunciation.. ;D

  21. When her tiny prince shows up and asks her to let down her hair, she’ll whip out the scarf she’s been working on all that time for him to climb up. The less painful, 100% wool way to get herself a prince.

  22. Tiny Princess:
    Thank goodness I am not Cinderella! Imagine knitting all those tiny clothes for the mice!

  23. Tiny Princess looks for love, but on her ipod she only downloaded “Love Stinks”.

  24. The princess is a cutie,
    With a tiny little booty
    The dragon loves her,
    The wizard’s smitten
    But all she wants is a tiny kitten.
    A kitty to love and to hold,
    With the fur of the richest gold!

  25. Tiny Princess is waiting for her Tiny Prince, but sadly, he hasn’t been knitted up quite yet.

  26. Why Tiny Princess is getting her PhD, rebuilding the treasury that her Daddy King depleted and protecting the kingdom from dragons and neighboring Black Knights!

  27. Tiny Princess doesn’t have to worry about someone coming along and cutting her hair before her prince arrives. She just felts it together again!

  28. Tiny Princess is keeping herself busy taking photos with her new camera while she’s waiting for her tiny prints to develop.

  29. Teeny Tiny Little Princess is knitting his hair in to a looong line, for when his blue prince appears he can climb the tower and rescue her!!!

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