Tiny Princess Waits for No Man

So here we have our Tiny Princess, waiting for her tiny prince to come…. Or maybe we heard that wrong?


Tiny Princess is keeping herself busy taking photos with her new camera while she’s waiting for her tiny prints to develop.

And we thought she had been pining for some guy! As Jan points out, Tiny Princess is just waiting for her prints to come. This is the 21st Century, after all, people! (Looks like our Tiny Princess thinks she’s a real Cindy Sherman with her self portrait.)

For enlightening us all, Jan wins a free pattern for Flushie. Yay Jan!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the caption contest!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Princess Waits for No Man

  1. Very cute! As a modern girl, I can totally relate to Tiny Princess. Who has time to wait around on some man when there are so many fun things to explore in the way of art and craft?!

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