Flush with Flushies

As you might be able to tell from looking at him, Flushie is a pattern for daring knitters who are not afraid of multiple pieces!


I was fortunate enough to have three such knitters help test knit Flushie—their input was invaluable for such a complex project. And they all sent me such adorable photos of their finished Flushies!

Beforesunrise’s Half-Flush settled right in with Grouchy Couch.


I bet their conversations always end up in an argument over which is the best room, the living room or the bathroom? (You can find the pattern for Grouchy in Knitting Mochimochi.)

Gidgettm’s friendly Flushie just wants to do what he can to help.


Although I’m not quite sure if he’s up for this daunting task!

Dorien’s Flushie is being put to good use by someone who makes an appearance in Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi!


(You know, I just noticed all the green mats in these photos. Funny coincidence, I guess!)

Big thank-yous to these brave testers! Many of my testers are coming through these days with a heap of top-secret projects, and I am so grateful to them all!

8 thoughts on “Flush with Flushies

  1. Super jealous! I have not finished my Flushie yet.

    Side note….How can I become a tester? I would love to help

  2. I would LOVE to be a tester also. I have made the base, and I am working on the toilet bowl

    Who is the little guy that is in the toilet in the last one?

  3. I just finished Professor Plunger and am about halfway through Flushie’s bowl.

    These are so much fun — definitely addictive knitting!

  4. In fact, I’ve been thinking about adding to my testing pool soon… check back here for a future post on how to apply!

  5. Oooh, I will have to keep an eye out for being a tester too. It is something I’m definitely interested in doing (and I work really well on deadline).

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