Introducing Gobbledyghost!

A mysterious new creature just made its home in the Mochimochi Shop!


Because why should people have all the fun? Goblins want to dress up for Halloween too!


It’s been a really long time since I created a Halloween pattern, so I’m psyched to introduce
, the ghost costume-wearing goblin! With or without his costume, Gobbledyghost is spookily cute and a quick knitting project.

The pattern is now available as a $5 PDF download in the Mochimochi Shop!


17 thoughts on “Introducing Gobbledyghost!

  1. This one is absolutely adorable! Perfect timing for the reveal as well! Who wouldn’t want one of these for the spooky holiday?

  2. I already have it, and I am working on it right now. It is AWESOME! I borrowed the circular needle from a friend so that I didn’t have to buy one.

  3. Ive been following this site for years and it looks like I can comment! I love the pink one! wish I knew how to knit!

  4. It’s two sets of eyes, so that you can completely take the ghost costume off. (I also used a larger size of eyes for the ghost than for the goblin.)

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