Tiny Robots

If you’ve flipped through a copy of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, then you’re familiar with this bolt head. I just realized that he hasn’t been on my blog yet!


Tiny Robot was inspired a bit by Bender from Futurama, as you might have guessed. I love the photo of him and his friend that Brandi Simons took for my book—it’s one of my favorites!

And now there is a new robot in town! Meet Tiny Robot 2.0.


This bot’s specialty is his arm extension feature, which lets him do lots of hugging and shoplifting. I’m making a bunch of this new model to incorporate into my next installation! It’s going to be unveiled on November 3rd at gallery hanahou in NYC. More info on that soon!

We’ll resume the caption contests next Friday!

13 thoughts on “Tiny Robots

  1. You should make 2 other tiny robots and make a tiny collection! How big is the awesome new show going to be?

    Hint, hint to tell us about it right now…

  2. I havn’t made tiny robot yet, but I am addicted to tiny alien at the moment.

    My son has a request list a mile long that relate to tiny space things so Tiny Robot will be casted on asap!

    I am loving Teeny Tiny Mochimochi btw!
    ps Robot vs is awesome!


    Teeny Tiny Mochimochi is awesome. I want to make to make a lot of tiny aliens in different colors to take over tiny earth.

    cool! now we only need anna to knit a tiny newsman to cover the story!

  4. Love them both! Is Tiny Robot 2.0 in the book, or being released as a pattern? My son was looking at the screen as I read this entry, and is rather insistent about having one of his own!

  5. Could you make a wolf pattern? I am looking for one but can’t find one. I know you would do a really good job on it.

  6. Thank you all for the nice comments about the Mochimochi Bots! I’m thinking the second guy might make a pattern debut sometime in the future, but I have a long list of patterns to release already of course…

    S.A – I ask that people get permission before selling items made from my patterns. Please email me at me at info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com and we can discuss. Thanks!

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