Lion Brand Yarn Studio Interview

I had such a great time at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio last Thursday! They invited me to give an artist talk (coinciding with my installation) and do a book signing, and although I was nervous to speak in front of 50 people, I think it went well. It’s always a joy to meet knitters and share my crazy take on the craft with them, and I take so much energy back with me from these encounters. (Of course it was wonderful to see some familiar faces there too!)

For those who couldn’t make it out to the talk, here’s an interview that we taped beforehand:

Patty Lyons and all of the staff at the LBYS gave me the warmest welcome, and I even got to hang out with them after the event. It was probably the most lively conversation I’ve ever had with a group of knitters! They are a riot.

Big thank-yous to everyone at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, and to everybody who came on Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Lion Brand Yarn Studio Interview

  1. I was describing my interest in knitting and the online knitting community to a friend, when he mentioned that his brother’s girlfriend worked at a yarn shop in New York – turns out it’s Lion Brand! I got very excited and explained that I knew exactly what was on display in the studio because I read this blog. He was a little stunned. Just one example of the stunning connected-ness of knitters!

  2. Hey I was at the book signing at the Lion yarn shop, I showed you my hotdog in a hoodie. Dude it was so awsome to meet you anna, your like, my biggest inspiration for knitting. Tiny tinkets named after squishy japanese icecream always bring people together! :)

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