Tiny Edamame

Winning caption by Emma:

Once they’re boiled they’re no longer soya beans, but has beans.


What do you think it’s like to be tiny boiled soybeans? Leave your caption in the comments, and we’ll pick the one that makes us giggle the most on Monday. The winner gets a free pattern for Ninjabun!


Also: what should be next in the sushi bar set? I’m thinking it has to have some kind of roll, and then maybe another type of nigiri sushi?

47 thoughts on “Tiny Edamame

  1. Well, if Ms. Edamame is of certain age, she might say “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?,” when that “power surge” hits her.

    And, I think a spicy tuna roll would be a great addition to the sushi bar.

  2. For a full set, you certainly need a roll. Probably two — a skinny roll that could be spicy tuna, or cucumber, or whatever, depending on your color choice.
    A futomaki roll could be a lot of fun and challenging.
    Most of the nigiri (except shrimp) are interchangeable, but
    you would need a “gunkanmaki” — the “boats” used for roe and such.
    Finally, don’t forget the ginger and the green plastic leaf!

  3. Soybeans hot, soybeans cold,
    Soybeans in the pot, nine days old;
    Some like it hot, some like it cold,
    Some like it in the pot, nine days old

  4. this is like u2 for ten minutes it was the larry mullen jr band bono walks in and the band is u2
    sushi gets so much credit i warm up the croud, i put us together. i would like some credit for once

  5. “Where’s my best pal California Roll!I demand her and my manager Mr.Wasabi at my trailer in 5” said Tiny Edamame aka Marilyn Salmon Roe

  6. Well, here are a couple more types of sushi:
    Tako (octopus) Nigiri
    Sake (salmon) Nigiri
    Tamago (egg) Nigiri
    Maguro (tuna) Nigiri

  7. “I think we need a bigger pod, there’s a little sweet pea on the way!”

    Next in line for sushi, how about some ginger & wasabi, a dragon roll & some salmon nigir.

  8. There once was a pod full of soybeans
    Which was placed in a pot with some greens.
    When they got really hot,
    They were pulled from the pot,
    And since then, they’ve never bean seen!

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