Podcast Interview with Knit Picks

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Alison, the director of Knit Picks, for their podcast. The interview is now up on their website!


It’s so funny to think about how this time last year I was talking to Kelley Petkun (the regular podcast host at Knit Picks) about my first book, Knitting Mochimochi… There was definitely plenty of new stuff to talk about this time around, and Alison was wonderful to talk to.

I hope it’s a fun listen, although I’m a weenie about hearing my own voice and can’t listen to it myself!

Knit Picks is also giving away a copy Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi and a bunch of Palette yarn to get started on your Tinys!


I used Palette to knit many of the samples that appear in the book—it’s one of my current favorite yarns. You have until September 6th to enter the contest on their blog. (And wowza, they’ve got more then 2,000 entries already!)

A big thank-you to Knit Picks for all their support!

3 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with Knit Picks

  1. I listened and you are being way too hard on yourself (although I won’t listen to myself either). :) Love your book and your blog (just recently found you). I need some quick projects to knit…hopefully I can figure them all out as I can’t seem to decide what to start first.

  2. it WAS fun to listen to. and it is true, i really do love how you juxtapose the real life objects with the teeny tinys, really emphasizes on the size!
    thanks for helping me rediscover knitting (i too got out of it as there are only that many scarfs you can knit! plus it is not practical in Singapore’s weather) toys are great though, even the guys can appreciate those. :)

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