Tiny Sushi

Winning caption by Bonnie:

Tiny Sushi to Tiny Edamame: Wasabi?
Tiny Edemame: Nato much, you?


I love how this guy turned out!

The idea to knit this little tiny ebi sushi came directly from the recent Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi giveaway contest that Hannah held on her blog BitterSweet: the winner suggested that I make a Tiny Sushi!

It seems like there have been Mochimochi contests left and right these days, but one more this week couldn’t hurt, right? Leave your caption for Tiny Sushi in the comments to this post (one per person, please) and we’ll choose our favorite on Tuesday to win…

The pattern for Flapjack Frogs!


Have a happy Labor Day to those who are celebrating. See you on Tuesday!

55 thoughts on “Tiny Sushi

  1. Poor tiny shrimp was, well, shrimpy,
    And maybe a little bit wimpy.
    But now on some rice,
    And flavored with spice
    He’s still just a little bit skimpy…

  2. I’m not just another piece of nigirizushi, I’m a mochizushi!
    (Nigirizushi is hand formed sushi)

  3. a tonka poem
    wasabi tastes good
    wee-sabi tastes better yes
    tiny sushi says
    no matter what you like
    dont eat me i got a wife

  4. He’d try and swim his way into your heart if you would just stop trying to put him in your stomach!

  5. I think this tiny nisei ebi sushi would say:
    “もしもし! Watashi wa Nigiri ama-ebi de gozaimasu! I AM real mochimochi !”

    By the way: What about a knitted german Fischbrötchen (fish sandwich)… Would be ebi’s cousin-german ;)
    Greets from germany

  6. You look more like the T-Bone steak type of person. Let me just swim to the kitchen and tell the chef. You won’t be eating me tonight. ;-)

  7. When HR told him his new would involve testing out beds, it was never mentioned that they would be made out of rice!

  8. Rin:

    When HR told him his new would involve testing out beds, it was never mentioned that they would be made out of rice!

    That’s supposed to have a ‘job’ in between ‘new’ and ‘would’, sorry. ^^;

  9. “Are you lookin’ at me? Are you looking at me? What, you think I’m cute? You, you big…hairy…tall…person. Yeah! That’s what I said!”

    (Apparently, he’s compensating.)

  10. What did tiny sushi A say to tiny sushi B???

    “Waaaaaaa Saaaaaaa B?”

    (wa-sa-bi/ Wassup-B)

    Too good to miss, and especially for the coveted flapjack frogs pattern that I’ve been dreaming of before my upcoming wedding….hmmmm…something to take with me on the honeymoon?

    Great job yet again Anna!

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