Halloweeny Bunnies

Check out these fun Halloween-themed TIny Baby Bunnies that Joolieknits came up with!


She made the vampire bunny, ghost bunny, pumpkin bunnies, and candy corn bunny as part of the Tiny Bunnies Movement. That means she’ll be hiding them for some lucky strangers to find!

You can see what the Tiny Bunnies Movement is all about in their Ravelry group, and get my free pattern for Tiny Baby Bunnies here.

And don’t forget that the Mochimochi Photo Contest is officially open! Fun mods like Joolieknits’ bunnies are perfect for it.

9 thoughts on “Halloweeny Bunnies

  1. I made some about 2 weeks ago I made a angel bunny, a pumpkin bunny and started working on a ghost one! Sorry About the typo ^^^

  2. Those bunnies are so cute!!! The pumpkin bunnies look like they were made for those colors!!!
    Now on a different topic-I wanted to send a link from this page through email and when I tried to do the copy part it wouldn’t let me. How can send this link?

  3. Knitcrazy, I’ve never had this issue with copying a link, so I’m afraid I don’t have any advice for you… I hope you can figure it out!

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