Tiny Witch

Update: See the winning captions here!


Halloween is such a fun holiday to knit for!

The bad news about Tiny Witch is that the pattern for her won’t be out for a long time. The good news is that she will be in a new book that’s coming out next fall!

Now, for a Tiny Witch Caption Contest! Leave your caption in the comments (one per person), and we’ll choose our favorite on Monday. The winner gets a Tiny Zombie Kit!


41 thoughts on “Tiny Witch

  1. Ignore #4. I wrote it wrong. Redo:

    “I’ll get you my tiny pretty, and your even littler dog too!”

  2. Dpn, dpn purl and knit,
    use scrap yarn, and a dash of wit!

    (Tiny Witch’s spell for creating more tiny mochimochi!)

  3. Dorothy had a nasty surprise when she discovered the second cousin of the Wicked Witch of the West, who lived INSIDE the ruby slippers.

  4. My name is Wicked-y and yes I am a witch. I’m cute and green but not so scary. Oh, I may be a little hairy.

  5. skeins and spooks ,
    needles and hooks,
    wake to your delight,
    condure and cast
    purl and twirl ,
    allow my needled knit with all there might!!

  6. Come my pretties, take some candy from my enchanted bowl, where I hide among the candy bars . One per person. If you’re greedy, I will curse you with pounds and pounds. HE HE HE.

  7. Spicky spacky, I see you,
    Wonky wobbly, what would you do.
    Trick or threat, stick or stones,
    Potion I’ve made or maybe bones.
    But first for breakfast, yup?
    How bout eggs sunny side up?

  8. Glinda may say that only bad witches are ugly, but I have to disagree with her on that point.

  9. Mandy:

    poyl, poyl. wrap and turn
    make my knits ones to yearn!

    didnt see my first post. couldnt remember what i had typed either. Didnt mean to post twice

  10. She used to have a cat that was smaller then she was before she shrunk, but now she has to be careful her cat doesn’t bat her off the broom!

  11. After Hansel and Gretel had “peacefully coerced” the Wicked Witch into “moving away,” the Wicked Witch’s sister Tiny Knit Witch moved in and replaced all the candy with knitted candy which attracted only tiny inedible knit animals from Mochimochi land.

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