Tiny Pumpkin Says Put the Knife Down

Tiny Pumpkin may look helpless, but he’s actually an organizer of tiny pumpkins everywhere, as caption contest winner Amanda tells us!


Tiny Pumpkin, President and CEO of 2 Cute 2 Carve, a non-profit, knitted, incorporation.

(Pictured with Tiny Pumpkin are his Director of Pumpkin Resources and his Vice President of curly vines.)

For her cute caption, Amanda wins the pattern for Gobbledyghost!


Thank you to everyone who contributed their captions!

8 thoughts on “Tiny Pumpkin Says Put the Knife Down

  1. hi Anna is there any where you can buy these little amazing things but without having to make them because i am only seven and my mummy says i am to young to do thiss and she doesnt have time and i really really want one they are cute. And these little pumpky kins would be good for hallaween. :) i am going trick a reating with my big cousin as one two and it would look cool on my hat hehe

  2. Oh my…

    Will a pattern be coming soon for this adorable and festive little guy(s)? :o I’m smitten!

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