Tiny Pumpkin

Winning caption by Amanda:
Tiny Pumpkin, President and CEO of 2 Cute 2 Carve, a non-profit, knitted, incorporation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited for fall! So is this guy:


Tiny Pumpkin is inspired by the season, of course, but also by this predecessor that I got last year from a very sweet knitter who worked in a giant jack-o-lantern.

Time for a Tiny Pumpkin caption contest! Leave your captions in the comments (one per person), and we’ll choose our favorite on Tuesday. The winner will get the PDF pattern for Gobbledyghost!


52 thoughts on “Tiny Pumpkin

  1. Dear FGM, Last year I was the carriage. This year it’s my turn to get the fancy dress and slippers!
    Thanks, Gordy the Pumpkin

  2. One day, Linus, I will end up in the pumpkin patch! It’s just…taking a little longer than I expected.

  3. Tiny pumpkin has big dreams
    Despite how little he does seem
    To have a spell cast on him
    that lets him be a princesses’ Carriage!

  4. Peter picked a peck of petite pumpkins, probably perusing perfect pint-size pumpkin pies!

  5. Tiny pumpkin is great at english, but terrible at maths. He was always terrified when the teacher mentioned….(yeah, you know it’s coming)…..Pi!!

  6. I’m tiny and I’m teeny
    I not a halloweenie meanie
    I look just so yummy and sweetie
    But you can’t make a pumpkin pie outta me!

  7. Eenie, meanie, minee mo
    This tiny pumpkin to home will go
    Tiny cookies, cakes, and treats
    Or just a tiny pie his fate will meet. :)

  8. What do you get if you divide Tiny Pumpkin’s circumference by his diameter?
    Pumpkin Pi.

  9. Tiny pumpkin is so cute.
    Please don’t take him to be cooked.
    Let him sit at your front screen
    and welcome kids at Halloween

  10. I’m too cute to be smashed or carved, too small for the horseman, but I’m just right for little trick or treaters!

  11. The other young pumpkins tease tiny pumpkin calling him a “country pumpkin” for his fear of cans but the older, wiser pumpkins assure him that those mean pumpkins will all end up as scarecrow heads.

  12. Tiny Pumpkin hasn’t slept a wink since his older brother said the two most haunting words a young gourd can ever hear…’Punkin Chunkin.’

  13. Tiny pumpkin doesn’t like Halloween, he thinks its just mean! Pumpkins are cut, carved, and put into pies, he just doesn’t know where other pumpkins have their eyes!

  14. This little pumpkin isn’t scared of getting carved and lit.
    the only thing he’s scared of is the people in scary costumes!

  15. I may be small, and I may be orange. Yo but I love to sit on your door henge. An’ all the kids, lookin so beastly, on thanksgiving they are feasting. on me. WORD!

  16. You can use me as a decoration for your dollhouse, just please do not eat me,or carve me.

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