Gnomes vs Snowmen Opens Today!!

The battle commences today! Gnomes vs. Snowmen opens at gallery hanahou starting at noon today for the Pictoplasma Festival Character Walk. If you’re in the NYC area, join me tonight for the opening reception at 6-8 pm!

To give you an idea of what my past few weeks have been like, this is what my table looked like two days ago:


And my desk:



I’ll post actual photos from the show very soon, of course. Whether or not you can make it to the show in person, I have a question for you:

Who are YOU rooting for??


45 thoughts on “Gnomes vs Snowmen Opens Today!!

  1. Hello Anna,

    I read you blog from Quebec City. Unfortunately, I will not attend Gnomes vs Snowmen but I wish you the best of luck ! Have a nice day.

  2. There’s a desk under there? Wish I was there. I know people are going to be so thrilled with your show!

  3. The last show that you did at this gallery they had one saturday date the last day that the show was going on (i am in college so getting there during the week to check it out is difficult since it is not open that late and i am an hour and a half outside the city by train). Do you think that this show will be open on a saturday before it closes?

  4. Kelly – the gallery will be open this Saturday and Sunday for the Pictoplasma Character walk, but otherwise I think it will be regular gallery hours. But you can contact them to set up a weekend appointment at Hope you can make it!

  5. Snowmen!

    One of my friends (warning this might be TMI) calls the monthly cramps she gets the gnomes with pickaxes. It is hard to root for someone who causes pain!

  6. Snowmen of course. Gnomes have a scary aspect to them. How can you not root for Frosty?

    Looks great to see the chaos in your home. Gives hope to others of us in the throes of the creative process.

    Happy show!

  7. gnomes! the snowmen look oddly sinister…wish I could go see the show, I love your books and patterns!!

  8. gnomes! they are irresistible to me. although i’ll try not to cheer too loudly because i do feel bad for the snowmen underdogs who are sure to melt eventually and perhaps deserve their moment in the (hopefully not too hot) spotlight.

    i’m too far away to attend but am really looking forward to seeing photos.

  9. Snowmen! They’ve got years of pent up aggravation from their tinier cousins being used as weapons in snowball fights.

  10. gnomes. Although the snowmen have their fluffy powdery allure, there is nothing more intriguing than tiny little gnomes galloping and frolicking through knitted trees bringing out, hmm. What will the battle be about I wonder. Can’t wait to see the pics.

  11. Gnomes, totally. I do love a good snowman, but I agree with janet, these snowmen do look a bit sinister. When I look at the two side by side, I really don’t see the snowman as fragile (despite his temperature restrictions!)

  12. Hey, Anna! I am so obsessed with Mochi Mochi Land and I just saw your website yesterday!!!

    Go snowmen!!!!! Go gnomes!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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