Tiny Witch is a Spelling Champ

Happy Belated Halloween!

Thanks, everyone, for your patience with the website difficulties and the delay in results of the Tiny Witch caption contest. There were so many great entries that we have to go with THREE winners this time, each of whom came up with a very clever spell for our witch.


From Fran:

Dpn, dpn purl and knit,
use scrap yarn, and a dash of wit!
(Tiny Witch’s spell for creating more tiny mochimochi!)

From Mireya:

skeins and spooks ,
needles and hooks,
wake to your delight,
condure and cast
purl and twirl ,
allow my needled knit with all their might!!

And from Glenys:

Spicky spacky, I see you,
Wonky wobbly, what would you do.
Trick or threat, stick or stones,
Potion I’ve made or maybe bones.
But first for breakfast, yup?
How bout eggs sunny side up?

I do believe that Tiny Witch is well equipped to charm her way around Mochimochi Land with these spells.

Since we have three winners, all three will get the Tiny Zombie Kit! Although Halloween is over for this year, we all know that Tiny Zombies are always in style.


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  1. Hey! I saw the mochi chicken that Heather linked to also. I have that pattern and have been setting up to make one so I’ve been looking at it a lot. The Harlot’s book signing chicken was a dead ringer!

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