Honorable Mentions ’11, Group One

Thank you again to all who entered this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest! This was our 5th Annual contest, and it lived up to the occasion with more entries than ever before (over 600!) and tons of fantastic photos. John and I nearly skipped Thanksgiving entirely because we were working day and night to narrow the photos down to 20 honorable mentions and 20 semifinalists. (That a slight exaggeration, but it was really tough!)

We’ll be posting the honorable mentions today and tomorrow, then when we start posting the semifinalists, we’ll ask for your input to help narrow them down further to 10 finalists. Once we have the final 10, we will have an official vote we hope everyone will take part in. So much fun!

Today we bring you the first group of Honorable Mentions, photos that didn’t quite make the top 20, but that we were thrilled with nevertheless. Check them out after the jump!

In no particular order:

Giants Human Bean by mknitsnpacifica


Not to be confused with a giant Human Bean—this guy is tiny and detailed!

DUI – Dial Under the Influence by JennysMoblog


A drunkdialing gnome would have to be hilarious. Wish this photo came with a soundtrack!

Party Girl by Victoria Hederer Bell


We love the candle and roving flame!

Flowers, Little Dude? by neledh


What a thoughtful gnome! Oh wait, he got them for himself.

Mona by Dknits


Is a Gobbledyghost without her costume still a Gobbledyghost? The world may never know.

Lovebirds by 37 Butter Knives


All four of them are adorable! This photo is by Erica Lyn Photography.

monster/zombie/vampire bunny Neck Nuzzler by zombie-x-kitty


This is what happens when the normally gentle Neck Nuzzler eats a rotten carrot!

Oh the Horror by johnnadette


I think I know some dramatic pigeons who will be up for an Oscar next year…

Rained in and Hiding Out by flightsofyarn


It’s true, Rainycloud is one of the least popular creatures in Mochimochi Land. Everyone wants him to float above somewhere else!

Baby and Baby Burger by tajisono


Both are so cute, you could just eat them up! (But you really shouldn’t.)

Let’s hear it for these great photos! Be sure to come back tomorrow for the second group of honorable mentions!

12 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions ’11, Group One

  1. I spent the last hour loading and refreshing Mochimochi Land just dying to see the semi finalists~ My fingers are crossed~
    I love the picture Lovebirds by 37 Butter knives. It caught my eye while I was looking through the flickr group’s photos.

  2. It seems like you always post around lunch, Anna. :)

    There’s some great entries! I love the wedding one!

  3. I didn’t look at the whole flickr set before, maybe a quarter? I’m happy to see a few of my favorites of those in this first group.

    Great creativity everyone! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  4. Rained in and Hiding out is soo good….if these are the hon. mentions I cant wait for the semi-finalists!

  5. i am so honored that my zombie bunny neck nuzzler made it on the honorable mentions! if it wasn’t for my little boy who requested it, and who picked out the green yarn for the zombie bunny, this project would have never happened. i love my cute little monster (son) lol :)

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